Look how he just towers over the other prisoners…

Look how he just towers over the other prisoners…



These are AMAZING omfg, that heavy, dragging, seaweed evoking hair, hnnnrggrgggg…

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20140420 Javert Growing Up: ジャヴェール ゆりかごから墓場まで動画

I know that Javert dies at 52 but I wanted him to survive and let him do that in my fanart, so I drew him by the age of 70.


Wowww, gradual age progression is so hard to draw well in a cartoony style, and you do it so wonderfully! I really like this :D

starlene asked: valjean or javert?

Sorry Norm Lewis Javert with ponytail I’m having a moment..


Bibimbap is a signature Korean dish. The word literally means “mixed rice”. Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul and gochujang. A raw or fried egg and sliced meat are common additions.

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yeah the blame for this is 100% cinaed's 8'D





Actual art sausage for this piece cuz y’all should see how much I fail at being decisive



The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Concept art by Lorenzo E. Martinez [x]


Kisses make everything better.


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some kind of .. inverse seme shenanigans going on here O_O

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Ah whoa! That’s cool; that’s my old hometown and my grandma lives there :) that’s terrible! I hope that doesn’t mean it’s a few shelves of Americanized Hispanic foodstuffs and a few random Asian sauces…are you down there for work or school?

OH haha small world!  And it is. It is exactly that.  They stock some sort of teriyaki sauce that thinks the chief ingredients are supposed to be soy sauce and vinegar (??) so there you go.  

Also you just reminded me that I meant to make an update post after my move and then I forgot (because of the move) sooo back in March I relocated from the Bay Area to Atlanta because I got hired as an animator at a studio out here!  So I’ll be kicking around at least til summer.  Which I understand will be terrifyingly humid..

Oh no! If you lived in or around Atlanta, you could have mountains of Pho or hop next door for the baked goods. I hope the care package lasts you ;)

I actually do!  I just live out in the industrial area and they don’t have anything out here.  I have heard of Atlanta’s magical land of noodles somewhere just out of my reach though…

The closest grocery store is a 45 min walk away, and while the Publix is nice enough, the “ethnic food” selection is, mm, depressing? Yeah. Depressing.

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what kind of hell do you live in that you can’t get noodles or rice

Georgia. Also I don’t have a car anymore and I’m walking distance from work and nothing else.

And I moved here from a part of California where you can pretty much trip over an Asian grocery store every couple of blocks, so I’m jonesing pretty bad..

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a+++ care package would eat all of these things

RIGHT I’m hovering somewhere between inhaling everything at once and hardcore miserly rationing… (though I did just tear into the udon and furikake because i have had a craving for over a month now)

My amazing and smart and beautiful best friend in the world sent me a delicious care package of things I can’t get to at my new place!! Thank you tater ;_;

My amazing and smart and beautiful best friend in the world sent me a delicious care package of things I can’t get to at my new place!! Thank you tater ;_;

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Just had to make these…

How corgis are born